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Welcome to Zebra Account & Tax Inc.
Zebra Account & Tax Inc., formally Digit Account Solutions was founded in 1990 in Calgary. In 1998, the business was relocated to Crossfield and then Airdrie in 2006. In May 2010, we moved into The Nauton Place Professional Building.  As an Airdrie Chamber of Commerce member, we are very passionate about supporting Airdrie and local business.
Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. That is what Zebra is all about! As a trusted business and personal accounting service, we are honest with our clients, have full and complete integrity in every situation, and perform every task knowing we are doing it with the client’s best interest at heart.
Appointments are available for evening and weekend meetings to discuss your needs with an experienced Calgary accountant. Off-site support is also offered − much more than 9:00 to 5:00!
“Helping small business focus on building a successful, profitable business”
Clients rely on our Calgary bookkeeping services for reports that are relevant, reliable, consistent, and comparable. Our primary objective is to provide business owners with accurate information to help them analyze their organization's activities and in turn help them make informed decisions based on facts.

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Choose an Experienced Airdrie & Calgary Accountant

Zebra Account & Tax Inc. specializes in bookkeeping and tax. We focus on small and medium size businesses in Airdrie and the surrounding area.  As Airdrie Chamber of Commerce members, we are very passionate about supporting Airdrie and local business.

We are committed to accurate, quality work and are dedicated to help your business run more efficiently and in turn, be more profitable.

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